Google Blogger – Free Online Marketing for Law Firms Tool #2

Hi Friends, So what is a blog, why should you blog, and where is the best place to get a free blog. Here are the answers: Q: What is a blog?A: A blog is a Web site that is made up of posts that are arranged chronologically, and are archived by date and category. [ Blogger Blog Definition | LexBlog’s

Overview – Justia’s Free Law Firm Web Sites – Free Online Marketing for Law Firms Tool #1

Hi Friends, I will start this series of posts on free marketing services for law firms with Justia’s own free lawyer Web sites service. Although we have only been up and running for a few months now, this has been the one project we focused on from the get-go. It is the same backend as our pay system, with certain

1. Initial Registration – Justia’s Free Law Firm Web Sites

Hi Friends, Here is how you register into the system. This will seem obvious to most, but here it goes… You begin on the Justia free Web site home page and click on the “New User >> Sign Up Now!” button.

2. Initial Data Entry – Justia’s Free Law Firm Web Sites

We are now ready to start entering data. You do not need to have everything ready, although it would be helpful to have some home page, firm overview, practice area(s) and attorney information ready for the application. If you do not have some information, just continue in the application, you can always add it later before you publish your Web

The Free Online Marketing Solutions for Law Firms – Websites, Blogs, Mailing Lists, Directory Listings…

Hi Friends, Do you have time but no marketing budget? Well here is a set of solutions for online marketing of your law firm for free! These free services are especially valuable to lawyers that are just starting a practice, such as those by recent law school grads, or attorneys leaving larger law firms to start their own firm. And

Internet Explorer 7 beta is coming… this Summer

Hi Friends, I got so excited about the new Google Toolbar for IE on Windows, that I for got to add the real exciting news for the Windows community… Internet Explorer 7 is coming out in beta this summer. Bill Gates talked about it at the RSA conference (see the MSDN IEBlog Post). Here is what Microsoft Corporate PR Group

Google Toolbar 3 beta Released

Hi Friends, Google has released a beta of the third version of their toolbar. It works for… Internet Explorer on Windows. The Google Toolbar 3 has a SpellCheck for when you are inputing data into online Web forms… It has a word translator – just hover your mouse cursor over an English word and Toolbar’s WordTranslator will tell you what

Nolo Relaunches Web site

Hi Friends, Nolo, Justia friend and our main content provider, has relaunched their Web site with a new design that focuses on users’ legal needs. The new Nolo site is segmented into six legal issues channels, leading to a much better user interface. The interface is much cleaner, with everything visible above fold on the home page. As one can goes into live Beta

Hi Friends, From the founders, product marketers and programmers of MySimon and Wisenut and an AltaVista product martketer/programmer, comes… – a search engine focused on commercial products and services. is now live for beta testing. This is the first version of their search engine, so expect many improvements over time. The interface is very clean. Certainly one to