Yahoo! Web Search of Creative Commons Licensed Documents

Hi Friends, Yahoo! has released a Creative Commons Web search cut of their Web search that limits itself to content that has a Creative Commons license (they basically filter their results by looking for the license codes on the indexed Web pages). This Yahoo! Creative Commons Web search is in addition to the original beta Creative Commons Licensed Content Search

Chicago Injury Lawyer – – An example of Justia’s Search Engine Optimization for Law Firm Web Sites

Hi Friends, Today Justia formally released the search engine optimized Web site for for Chicago injury lawyer – William G. Pintas & Associates. They had bought a Justia Web Pro Solution. Google Search Result page for Chicago Injury Attorney – – #1 out of 1,100,000. Doing well in search engines is the key to have your Web site

Send a 1GB file over the Internet with – Free Online Marketing for Law Firms Tool #5

Hi Friends, Today and tomorrow I am going to cover a few more free tools, starting with‘s service for transferring large files over the Internet. You can upload/send files of up to 1GB. How does‘s service works? You upload the file to the server and then have send a link in an email to the email and Internet Yellow Pages Falling Behind Search Engines – 4 steps for their survival

Hi Friends, According to a Forester Research report (see article on ClickZ), Internet Yellow Pages providers have fallen behind in the battle for the local search audience and will need to partner to remain competitive in 2005. The report by Charlene Li (Charlene’s blog) gave four suggestions for the Internet Yellow Pages. offer better local content, such as more detailed

Overture’s Ted Meisel says MSN will probably not to renew deal with Overture for search ads

Hi Friends, Ted Meisel, who runs Yahoo!’s Overture Services (as well as being a lawyer from Stanford :) told Adweek that he expects Microsoft not to renew their deal with Overture to supply search ads to MSN. The current deal runs through June 2006. This is not really a surprise, as Microsoft has been hiring many people of late to

Kanoodle launches LocalTarget for text ad placement on city and locality focused Web sites

Hi Friends, Kanoodle launched LocalTarget for targeting of text links on content pages of city and locality focused Web sites today. Kanoodle places the text ads on a network of their partners’ Web sites that are targeted towards specific localities and cities (this is not the same as Google and Overture’s individual page specific content ad placement). Thus with Kanoodle,

Eye Movement study on Google Organic and PPC search results – Better to be above the fold to be seen

Hi Friends, A recent study of eye movement by search marketing firms Enquiro and Did-it and eye tracking firm Eyetools shows that…… 1. Listings on the top of a search results page is viewed more than listings on the bottom of the Web page and 2. Being on the top of the editorial results or having a top AdWord placement

Free Web Directory Links to you Web site – Washburn Law School’s and the Open Directory Project – Free Online Marketing for Law Firms Tool #4

Hi Friends, Doing well in the search engines, like Google, Yahoo! Search and MSN Search, involves three primary components – (1) Search Engine Optimized Web site structure and page layout (see the free Justia Web sites post), (2) links to your Web site from other related Web sites (this post :) and (3) strong legal content with related key words

Mailing List Management with Google Groups – Free Online Marketing for Law Firms Tool #3

Hi Friends, We are now on to free mailing lists. There are a number of places you can make a free mailing list, Google Groups, Yahoo! Groups (the former eGroups) and Topica are some of the better known ones. All have their strengths and weaknesses, but for a one-way email newsletter or a conversation email list, Google Groups is the