How to share your Personalized Google (Legal Competitive Intelligence) News Page with Others – Free Share of Google Redeemable for Law Firm Competitive Intelligence

Yesterday, Google released a customizable Home Page, which Tim Stanley reviewed in a prior post on this blog. This may be the first time that I’ve been disappointed with a Google product because it just wasn’t customizable to the degree that I expected. Specifically, I was looking for customized news feeds—like the ones I can set-up on Google News. In

Google Releases Beta of Personalized Google Home Page – Google Local Marketing

Hi Friends, Google released their (your) personalized Home Page today, allowing you to add your GMail subject lines, “personalized” Weather, Stocks, News and of course recent Slashdot posts. Google’s interface is nice (better than MyYahoo!) for moving things around or editing individual modules on your actual personalized Google home page. The content choices are sparse. Stock, Weather and News –

Justia Free Sixty: 60 Essential Free Law Firm Competitive Intelligence Resources 45-60

Competitive Intelligence for Transactional Lawyers Venture Capital Yahoo! – Venture Capital. Offers venture capital news. As I’ve discussed in a prior tip, you can even set-up a customized news feed to target a specific venture capital firm. For example, here’s an RSS news feed for Draper Fisher Jurvetson. MoneyTree Survey Report. PricewaterhouseCoopers compiles a quarterly study of venture capital investment

Justia Auto Recalls Center – RSS Feeds of Recalls for Every Car Make Model and Year

Hi Friends, We officially released our brand new Justia Auto Recalls Center this week (legal blog readers of course had advanced notice – Bob Ambrogi’s LawSites [ Post ], Sabrina Pacifici’ BeSpacific [ Post ] ). The Justia Auto Recalls Center URL is: For the Auto Recalls Center, we took the 50,000+ recalls and broke them down by make-model-year

Justia Free Sixty: 60 Essential Free Law Firm Competitive Intelligence Resources 40-44

If you have been following Justia’s Free Sixty: 60 Essential Free Law Firm Competitive Intelligence Resource, by now, you should have realized that I love My Yahoo, RSS feeds and inside competitive intelligence. Previously, I had written about using job listings and material contracts from SEC filings for competitive intelligence analysis. Today, I will share with you another great web Photo Stamps Return! – Market your Law Firm with official US Postage Photo Stamp

Hi Friends, Let’s take a small break from the incredibly useful free stratrgic intelligence resources for law firms that Mr. Ken Chan is providing, and get back to the important things in life – puppies and photo stamps… and the implications for actionable legal marketing. is relaunching their personalized US postage photo stamps. You can once again use your

Justia Free Sixty: 60 Essential Free Strategic Intelligence Resources for Your Law Firm 25-39

Last month, I had written about GoogSpy in I Spy Competitive Intelligence for Law Firm Marketing Consultants. At the time, I had reviewed GoogSpy’s features without offering some insight on how you can use their data in your strategic planning. Let me share some of my ideas now. GoogSpy. GoogSpy offers a tremendously powerful strategic intelligence tool. The Ranks in

Justia Free Sixty: 60 Essential Free Actionable Intelligence Resources for Your Law Firm 12 – 24

What is actionable intelligence? For strategic planners, actionable intelligence means insight into the future business plans of a competitor. Imagine being able to see your competitor’s product road map months or even years before their product is ready for release. During this period, you have time to properly assess the competitive threat and defend your business kingdom accordingly by widening

Quick Tip: Using Custom News Feeds to Compile Strategic Intelligence

In a previous post, I had written about setting up a custom RSS news feed through Yahoo News. I’ll lead you through the set-up process since it isn’t entirely intuitive. Starting at the Yahoo! News – RSS page, scroll down until you reach the Create your own RSS news feeds field. In the snapshot below, I’ve highlighted it in yellow

Justia Free Sixty: 60 Essential Free Competitive Intelligence Resources for Your Legal Desktop 1 – 11

To succeed in today’s business environment, you must know more about your own business than your competitors do. And, you must understand more about your clients’ businesses, than your clients do. So, how can you keep abreast of changes in your competitive business landscape? The first challenge is identifying sources of competitive intelligence. Thankfully, the amount of business intelligence available