Mapping Office Locations of Your Law Firm – 360 Degree Views Using Google Maps

Do your clients have difficulty finding your law firm? A few years ago, just listing your street address may have been enough. Then, businesses started offering links to MapQuest or screen captures from Yahoo! Maps. And, that was help. Well, Google unveiled the lastest upgrade in maps by allowing you to embed Google Maps on your own web site through

Submit your BlawgCast to Apple’s iTunes Music Store PodCast Section

Hi Friends, As I noted in my previous post on PodCasts, Apple was planning to add PodCast support into the iTunes Music Store. Well that day has arrived! And you can now submit your own PodCasts to the Apple iTunes Music Store, where others can find them for play on iTunes or their iPod. And with a PodCast leader like

Finding Your Law Firm – 360 Degree Views as Google Goes Global

A few months ago, Tim Stanley blogged on the incorporation of satellite images into Google maps. (See Google adds Satellite Images to Google Maps). At the time, these satellite images were just a local feature – local to Americans, that is. Well, Google has gone global so now you may be able to find 360 degree views of all your

Research Tips for Finding Information Hidden from the Major Search Engines

Google proudly displays the number of web pages contained within its index. At 8 billion pages and counting, this potentially represents an immense quantity of useful information. Indeed, Google is well suited for finding all sorts of arcane trivia tucked into the many recesses of the web. However, web researchers already recognize that the quantity of data is only one

Legal Marketing Blogs’ Headlines – the Latest Legal Marketing Blog Posts Updated Throughout the Day

Hi Friends, The Justia gang has listed a set of the legal marketing blogs (and few other selected blogs that periodically mention legal marketing) we like to read and has set up a site of links to their most recent posts (updated throughout the day and night). The URL is The idea is to give you a quick overview

FindLaw FirmSite -> Justia Law Firm Web Site :: Justia Web Site Design Before & After

Hi Friends, A picture is worth a 1000 words… BEFORE: FindLaw FirmSite (Thomson-FindLaw West Firm Site) AFTER: Justia Law Firm Web Site We made this new Web site for Wilson & Wilson, a LaGrange, Illinois Law Firm. Wilson & Wilson services include estate planning, probate and estate administration, elder law and other services in the Chicago area. They also help

PodCasts – Directories for Legal PodCasts (BlawgCasts), Software, How-to and… Adam Curry

Hi Friends, I was working on setting up some PodCasts to be added to Stark & Stark‘s Web site by way of their LexBlog produced New Jersey Law Blog and Traumatic Brain Injury Law Blog and thought I would share some of the basic information (search Google on PodCasting for more information :). WHAT IS PODCASTING First, let’s go to