Round 1: Google Maps v. MSN Virtual Earth

Lately, Google and Yahoo have been unveiling competing products in a battle for Internet users. After one company unveils a new offering, the other will often come out with a similar product shortly thereafter. Well, it appears that Microsoft is looking to join into the fray – and I’m not talking about the dueling lawsuits between Microsoft and Google over

Google Maps Goes Extraterrestrial

In honor of the first manned Moon landing, Google presents Google Moon, a version of the Google Maps interface that plots the Apollo moon landing sites on a photo image of the moon. You can zoom in and zoom out, but if you look too closely, you’ll discover that the moon is made of cheese. ;-)

FindLaw Shutting Down Free Firm Sites; Justia Offers Free Migration Solution for FindLaw’s Law Firm Web Site Clients

Yesterday, Chris Fontes, the Senior Director of Strategic Marketing at FindLaw, notified law firms that FindLaw was shutting down their law firm web sites. In his e-mail, Fontes explained, “For the last several years, FindLaw has been hosting a Web site for you at no charge…. Because of technical and business constraints, we are no longer able to provide this

Google Toolbar for Firefox Released

Hi Friends, Google has released a beta of its tool bar for Firefox… and it works on the Mac version of Firefox (as well Windows). Right on time too :) The Google Toolbar for Firefox! — Some more competition for Yahoo!’s Toolbar for Firefox (or just use both) Google also released some other Firefox extensions, including a Google Send to