Google Mini and Little Sheba the Hug Pug Puppy Photos & Fun

Hi Friends, We just got a brand new 1U blue boxed Google Mini for full text indexing of a new database we are setting up. It took about an hour to get it out of the box, install and index our content set (although we are doing some extra work fixing up our search result templates and scripts to make

Google Video Offers TV Shows and Marketing Avenues for Lawyers

Earlier this week, Google unveiled its latest enhancements to Google Video, a searchable collection of online video content. My favorite new feature is that Google Video now enables users to view videos online without downloading any Google software – specifically Windows-only software. So, Macintosh users can now watch videos – including the pilot of Everybody Hates Chris – on Google

New Google Blog Search and Finding a Lawyer Blawg with Google, MSN and Yahoo!

Searching for a law-oriented web log (or “blog”) is not a straight-forward process. The standard search engines offer a number of different ways to locate a blog, which we will compare with the new Google Blog Search that came out today. To show you how to track down a blog, let’s continue from yesterday’s post on the Supreme Court. I’ll

Lawyer Blogs and Law Firm Blogs: United States Supreme Court Focus

Last year, I paid a visit to the United States Supreme Court during the “off season.” Oral arguments had already been concluded for the term. There weren’t too many people around—at least in the public areas—except for tourists and busloads of children on field trips. It was a quiet summer. This year, the Supreme Court has taken a different path

Hurricane Katrina Web Resources – News, Missing Persons, Publications

Since Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, I have been absolutely shocked by the magnitude of destruction left in her wake. In California, we’ve experienced our share of natural disasters, including the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989. While the damage from that earthquake was extensive, it did not force the evacuation of a major American city or disperse countless families