Google Offers SEO Tips for Librarians…and Lawyers and Law Firms.

Google recently published the inaugural issue of Google’s Newsletter for Librarians. While the newsletter was conceived at the 2005 ALA (American Library Association) conference and is targeted at librarians, the information contained within the newsletter is equally applicable to lawyers or law firms with web sites. In the newsletter, Google engineer Matt Cutts offers a primer on how Google crawls

Law Firm Marketing Lessons I Learned While on Jury Duty

Slow week at the courthouse. A lot of empty chairs in the jury assembly room. Thankfully, the court provided cubicles and free wireless internet access for people to do their work while waiting. A few weeks ago, I received a juror summons from the Santa Clara County Superior Court. Now, not too many people welcome the opportunity to serve on

Microsoft Local Live Unveils Shinier, Prettier Virtual Earth

Back in July, I compared Google Maps v. MSN Virtual Earth. Since then, Microsoft has refreshed their product and rebranded it as Microsoft Local Live. I guess Microsoft Local would sound too much like Yahoo! Local or Google Local. No better way to innovate and lead the industry than to add a “Live” tag to your logo. That really supercharges