The Art of Being Discrete

How well do you know your clients? Sure, you may know where they work and what they do, but have you ever paid them a visit at their workplace? Of course, your clients probably visit you at your office, and not the other way around. After all, when someone needs a lawyer, usually trouble is a foot, and most people

Respect the Medium

When you enter the theater, the lights have already been dimmed. The final trailer is showing. You wait a few seconds for your eyes to adjust to the darkness before you spot a pair of open seats. “Excuse me, pardon me,” you mumble repeatedly as you wend your way down the crowded row. Once you’ve reached your padded stadium-style seats,

Do you see what I see?

Said the law firm to the Googlebot: Do you see what I see? Come and see my site, Googlebot, Do you see what I see? A flash, a flash Dancing on the screen, Scrolling text with voices to hear, Scrolling text with voices to hear. Said the Googlebot to the people everywhere: Listen to what I say! Don’t click here,

Feds Subpoena Google

The San Jose Mercury News reported that the Feds have subpoenaed Google in a bid to obtain their search records. In an act reminiscent of certain countries in “Old Europe,” Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL all surrendered, leaving Google to fight it alone. Here are copies of the motions. I’ve OCR’d them so that they are searchable and copy-and-pasteable. Notice of

Silence is Golden

When you meet with your clients, do you bring them into your quiet office or conference room so that you can speak to them free from distractions? After all, you have some valuable advice you wish to impart and you want them to absorb as much of it as possible. And, surely, during an intial consultation, you do not have

Happy Year of the Dog

Chinese New Year is coming up and, as fortune would have it, January 29, 2006 marks the start of the Year of the Dog. I know one smart pug that just can’t wait for the festivities to begin. Anyways, as this year winds down, Sheba and I would like to offer some legal marketing suggestions for law firms. Woof! Did

MacWorld Today! and a Free MW Pass Link from Other World Computing

Hi Friends, I am going to MacWorld today. If you need a free pass you can download one from Other World Computing. Apple Plasma Screen Computers ( – but note New Intel MacBooks – should be kewl. So there is today’s free tip or free pass link. Here is Steve Jobs’ Keynote Speach Peace – Tim :: Have Love, Will