Love Means…

Where Do I Begin…. Sometimes, it’s better to be wrong than to be right. Say you’ve just opened up a law firm that will focus on immigration law. Specifically, you want to be in the business of love. In preparation for your law firm web site, you do some basic research. Should you target potential clients seeking a K-1 Visa

Where is here?

What happens when billions of web pages link to click here? Google aggregates all the click here links so that if anyone actually searched for that term, we know that Adobe Acrobat Reader is the #1 click here search result. This isn’t because Adobe is optimizing their web site for click here. Instead, a lot of web pages are telling

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer of Anaheim

How do you market your law practice? For law firms based in a metropolis, focusing on your home base makes a lot of sense. After all, why head towards the suburbs looking for clients when you have plenty of low-hanging fruit in your own backyard. However, if your office is located in the suburbs, what do you do? If you’ve