Westwood to Santa Monica in 11 Hours

Westwood, CA. If you ask some Angelenos about Westwood, they may gush about that hip college town that is home to UCLA, a school that is renowned for both its academic and athletic programs. But, what may surprise many is Westwood’s small-town charm and affordable housing. Boasting a population of under 2,000, Westwood is attractively priced with a median house

Easy to Remember, but…

Last week, I mentioned that businesses should hyperlink their street address to one of the online map providers. Why? Well, which one is simpler and less error prone? Clicking on a link that leads to the correct map or retyping an entire street address? Of course, clicking on a link is simpler. Anytime your clients have to retype a street

Top 10 Ways to Revolutionize Your Web Site

Build a Web Site. You cannot revolutionize your web site until you have one. If you are still wavering on this, consider the many consumer opinion websites that have sprouted up as of late that rate local businesses. I can develop a first impression about your business either from your website or from the comments and ratings of your past