Michigan 47 Notre Dame 21 — Justia, LexBlog schools compete on the gridiron — Michigan Wins

Hi Friends, Michigan beat Notre Dame… which means that a certain son who lives in the Seattle area under the roof of LexBlog’s Notre Dame grad CEO Kevin O’Keefe should start considering the University of Michigan as the football snow school of choice. I am sure KOK will get a few (more) hours of child labor to help his kid

Nolo.com Lawyer Directory – moving Westward – availability & fees

Hi Friends, Nolo released their lawyer directory a few months ago to a few select San Francisco Bay Area counties, but they have now begun to release it across the country, starting with the West coast (California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Utah). Because I know it will be the most interesting link to law firms…. Here is a direct link to

Six Apart Acquires Rojo

Hi Friends, Six Apart has acquired Rojo. You can read the press release or news on the Six Apart blog or the Rojo blog. Chris Alden, the CEO of Rojo, will be taking over as the Executive VP of the MovableType division. In any case, Rojo has been one of the services that I have used for tracking blogs, and

Visiting the Northwest – Seattle & Bellingham

Hi Friends, I went up to the Pacific Northwest to visit some friends and scout out the tech landscape. Seattle was sunny as always as…. … I took the ferry with LexBlog’s Kevin O’Keefe to visit Bainbridge Island. KOK kicked back on his porch with the dogs as he explained the greatness of the Seattle area, while his son tried