Larry Bodine on Macs — and how to get Free PR

Hi Friends, I would comment on Larry Bodine’s (in)experience with Macs (see Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree). But LexBlog‘s Kevin O’Keefe (a Mac User) just sent me a post from Wil Shipley’s blog that pretty much covers the Mac side. And for more fun… read the MacLaw group posts that have been coming through… and read Larry’s blog where

New Trial Lawyer Resource Center

Hi Friends, Dave Swanner and gang, with some LexBlog help, have setup a great looking new Trial Lawyer Resource Center. It is a group blog, with original content aimed at helping trial lawyers with litigation strategies and their legal practice. Others who are participating include: Gary Gober, Jay Harris, John Day, John Romano, Karen Shelton, Mark Zamora, Matt Garretson, Randall

Google buys the Garage where it all began… and other Silicon Valley Garages of Note

Hi Friends, Google has bought the Menlo Park garage that Larry and Sergey started their company in.              Google Garage – Menlo Park, California Here are some other nearby garages…. Apple Garage – Los Altos, California HP Garage – Palo Alto, California… … where a lot of this started. Peace – Tim :: Under the Bridge, Blood Sugar Sex Magik by