The Price of Silence: $19

The Daily Business Review reported on a federal class action settlement by Sharper Image over its air purifiers. Unfortunately, for Sharper Image, Judge Cecilia Altonaga denied the settlement without prejudice. Fortunately, for us, Sharper Image had filed the Settlement Agreement already with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Here are some of the more interesting provisions: § 10.2 Settling Defendant

Forestalling Foreclosures

As many recent homeowners have discovered, the only mortgage that offers a predictable payment plan is the 30-year fixed. Sure, the interest rate may be higher than for an adjustable rate mortgage, but fixing the rate shields the borrower from interest rate risks and rising mortgage payments—risks that have only now become apparent. Homeowners who had taken out 3- or

New Justia Law Review Blog covering Legal Research and News

Hi Friends, We have just started the Justia Law Review Blog, a new blog which will be focused on legal research, information and news. It will allow Ken, me and the Justia Team to provide information and commentary on a broad range of legal issues. The new Justia Law Review Blog will be a nice editorial addition to the Justia

USA PATRIOT Act Cracks Down on Cold Sufferers

What do you think of when someone mentions the USA PATRIOT Act? Fahrenheit 9/11? Long lines at the airport? Domestic spying by the NSA? Well, I have a new item to add to that list. As the winter cold season takes its toll, honest citizens trying to buy some nasal decongestant will discover that Sudafed® has been replaced by Sudafake—courtesy

Bloggers and Fair Use and… – from KCET

Hi Friends, Everybody loves Hollywood and their protection of IP. And KCET, the public television station in Los Angeles (in Hollywood) is covering the latest IP action…’s unauthorized usage of X17 Online’s celebrity photos (and other companies’ photos as well, X17 are just the ones who are suing PerezHilton’s Mario Lavandeira). You can watch a video on this The

Face Off: Drunk Driving v. DUI

This one surprised me a bit. I thought drunk driving would be the most popular search term, but DUI beats out both DWI and drunk driving. I didn’t realize how ingrained these acronyms were within our vocabulary.

Maritime Accident. Res Ipsa Loquitur?

Voice of America reports that a U.S. nuclear-powered submarine has collided with a Japanese oil tanker in the Arabian Sea. If the submarine was not covertly following the oil tanker, I would be seriously disappointed. Maybe the submarine and the oil tanker were playing a high stakes game of cat-and-mouse. Please let me believe that was the case. After all,

Watch Your Words

Today, former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki posted an interview with Chip and Dan Heath, authors of Made to Stick. I enjoy reading Guy’s blog because he writes in an engaging and easy-to-read style that most of us would love to emulate. Anyways, in the interview, the Heaths explain the Curse of Knowledge: Think of a lawyer who can’t give you

What Type of Lawyer Are You?

How do you describe your practice areas on your law firm website or blog? One way would be to carryover the phrases your firm had successfully used in a magazine or yellow pages ad. When I flipped through the Valley Yellow Pages today, I noticed that the personal injury attorney ads exclusively used the term auto. In print, auto accident,

Welcome to the Justia Legal Information & News Blog

Hi Friends, Welcome to our new Justia Law Review – Legal Information and News – Blog. This blog will focus on legal research and news and anything else we wish to comment on. It will allow Ken, others and me to post on what is on our mind. So like Rio’s toy box, expect a lot of variety… and enjoy