JDSupra Free User Generated Legal Document, Forms & Brief Library Open to All

Hi Friends, JDSupra has officially launched and opened its site to the public today. The JDSupra site allows legal professionals to upload legal documents, memos, forms, filings and briefs and share them with the legal community. On the marketing front, lawyers and law firms can have their own detailed profile page that promotes their practice. Many great organizations and firms

The Public Library of Law – the Largest Free US Case Law Database on the Internet from FastCase

Hi Friends, The team at FastCase have announced the largest free online US case law database at The Public Library of Law at plol.org. The site is GREAT! The database of cases includes all of the Supreme Court cases and US Court of Appeals cases since 1950 (the same data FastCase recently presented to the Legal Commons project) AND US

Legal Commons – Free US Court of Appeals & US Supreme Court Case Law by way of Public.Resource.org and the Creative Commons!

Hi Friends, Here comes the Legal Commons. Carl Malamud and the team at Public.Resource.org with Larry Lessig and the Creative Commons gang got the FastCase deal done and the case law online. The cases include all of the Federal Court of Appeals decisions since 1950, and all of the US Supreme Court decisions. You can obtain a copy of all