Announcing Justia Mexico

Justia has launched a new legal portal for Mexico! Justia Mexico provides legal information and resources for lawyers and consumers in Mexico. In keeping with Justia’s mission, these resources are all free, open, and shared. The Justia Mexico portal provides access to Mexican Federal and State laws, including the Constitution of the United Mexican States, Codes, Laws, and Regulations.  The

¡Bienvenidos a Justia Mexico!

¡Justia ha lanzado un nuevo portal para México! Justia México es un sitio web de recursos legales diseñado especialmente para los interesados en la legislación mexicana. Ofrece toda la legislación federal como la constitución, códigos, leyes, reglamentos entre otros documentos. También cuenta con recursos legales de nivel estatal, como las constituciones estatales, leyes y códigos, así como información estadística de

Weather Report: Cloud-E with a Chance of Privacy Law Changes

Internet legal privacy issues are getting a lot of attention these days. One federal law, the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act (‘ECPA’), is facing many requests for changes, with apparent agreement on revising it. Continue reading

Google Supports Free Law, & the movement with 10^100 Grant

Hi Friends, Thanks Google for supporting free law … again :) Last year Google Scholar gave the world free USA case law (with internal page numbers) and now Google has announced the first recipients of its Project 10^100 grants, including Public.Resource.Org. To quote the Google announcement :) We are providing $2 million to Public.Resource.Org to support the Law.Gov initiative, which