Super Bowl Football Pools: Are They Legal?

Super Bowl XLV is coming up on February 6th, featuring the Green Bay Packers versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. Las Vegas odds favor the Packers by 3 points, but how many of us are going to make the trip to Vegas to bet on the big game? Most people are more likely to place their wagers in small-scale Super Bowl pools

President Obama Streamlining Regulations

Last week, President Obama ordered a review of US Regulations to remove rules perceived to be outdated, stifling job creation, and making our economy less competitive in the world marketplace. In an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, he described it as thus: “This order requires that federal agencies ensure that regulations protect our safety, health and environment while promoting economic

“It’s Not Personal E-Mail…It’s Strictly Business”

We’ve all used work e-mail for personal stuff, haven’t we? You know: connecting with college friends, organizing family reunions, and making appointments with our lawyers, right? Wait a second….what was that last thing? If you live in Northern California, take note: a state appeals court just ruled that an employee’s attorney-client e-mails that use his employer’s company e-mail account are

Can Your Facebook Data Be Used to Hack Your Bank Accounts?

On Monday, Gabriel Saldana offered some social media privacy tips for stalking victims. His advice about quitting Facebook is on the mark, and not just for people victimized by stalkers. While Facebook is a popular gateway into a virtual world of friends, status updates, and likes, it may also serve as a social engineering Trojan horse for those seeking to

Follow the Money at

We’ve come a long way from a parking garage in Virginia. While some of our readers may already know of, I wanted to make special note of this terrific site that tracks the connection between money and politics, especially in light of recent reports that corporate contributions have surged to the new Republican leaders of the 112th Congress. MapLight

Social Media Privacy Tips for National Stalking Awareness Month

Last month, President Barack Obama proclaimed January 2011 as National Stalking Awareness Month to raise awareness of stalking and to offer support to stalking victims and survivors. While stalking is a crime in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, many people underestimate its effects and consequences. President Obama acknowledged our heightened awareness of stalking and its prevalence since

What Would the Sopranos Do?

Getting Organized Over Organized Crime Like death and taxes, organized crime appears to be an unavoidable part of life around the world. Today’s FBI arrest of at least 100 alleged members of La Cosa Nostra on the East Coast is just the latest chapter in a real-life saga. Would you rather be an educated organized crime buff, or do you

Legal Answers to Your Life Questions

For the current generation of college graduates, consulting Google for romantic, travel or career advice may seem like second nature. Should you go to law school? Sure, you can discuss your plans with your parents, friends, and professors. But, what does Google say? And, if you made that fateful decision to attend law school, how do you deal with that

If The Patriot Act is Renewed in the Forest, Does Anyone Notice?

A hat-tip to Mary Minow for alerting readers via her Library Law Blog post last week that Representative Mike Rogers of Michigan introduced HR 67 on January 5, 2011 to extend the PATRIOT Act yet another year to February, 2012. Given the short amount of time available to renew the Act and that the renewal period is only a year,

Imperfect Justice: NCAA Sanctions in College Football

NCAA sanctions played a large role in this year’s college football season, most notably in the case of sanctions against the USC Trojans. USC was sanctioned for “lack of institutional control” with the loss of 30 scholarships, a two-year ban on participating in a bowl game, four years of probation, and the forfeiture of 14 games they had won from