‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Has Not Been Repealed

Two months ago, a huge celebration marked the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT), the policy that allowed the military to treat gays and lesbians differently than heterosexual members of the armed forces. The repeal represented a big win for the LGBT community.

Agreeing to Disagree – Let’s All Use Our Inside Voices

This week, I wanted to note a recent New York Times editorial, “Dangerous Threats.”  The piece comments generally on the disturbing trend of increased threats made to federal judges and prosecutors. The Times focused on remarks made earlier this month by Representative Denny Rehberg (R-MT) before a joint session of the Montana Legislature. In speaking on a recent decision about

Learning About George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on Presidents Day

While some retailers are celebrating Presidents Day with aggressive discounts on ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances, we thought a more respectful commemoration that honored the accomplishments of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln would be appropriate. If you are a presidential trivia afficiando, you probably already know that in the U.S. Code, today’s legal public holiday is Washington’s Birthday, not Presidents Day.

The Dangers of Bluebook Infatuation

Have you heard that Judge Richard Posner hates the Bluebook? Of course you have. It’s been all over the blawgosphere lately. But thanks to the UGA Law Library Blog, which posted a direct link to the article, I actually read it. True to form, the article is brief, articulate, and humorous. As someone who is regularly frustrated by citation practices,

Amazon One Clicks Out of Nexus Texas

Amazon is no stranger to tax disputes. Thus far, the typical tax claim concerning the online retail goliath involves its obligation to collect sales taxes. Several states have contended that the presence of Amazon Associates within its borders was sufficient to meet the substantial nexus mandated by the Commerce Clause in order for a state to require that a retailer

Little Sheba the Happy Birthday Hug Pug

Sheba, Justia’s original HugPug, turns seven today! For those of you lucky enough to have dogs around while you work, you know how wonderful it is to have these four-footed friends at any office. Sheba, and fellow Justia pugs, Rio and Belle, along with other doggie friends Tank (aka, Le Réservoir Dog) and Mino, bring us plenty of laughs, provide

Learn, Track & Share: Government Transparency on the State, City and Local Level

Last month, while researching a post on the politics and money site, MapLight.org, I came across another interesting online resource: OpenGovernment.org. The site is still very much in beta, but after having had a chance to check it out a little bit more this weekend, I thought it worth mentioning here to our readers. The goal of OpenGovernment, supported in

We <3 Law… and Pugs

Today is Valentine’s Day, and we’d like to take this opportunity to write our valentine to the free legal information projects we love. We’ve talked about all of these projects before, but on this day that celebrates love, it seems a perfect time to praise them again. Law.gov and Public.Resource.Org All who love free legal information as much as we

The Expensive, Arbitrary and Inefficient State of the Death Penalty in California

Before the California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice (CCFAJ), then California Chief Justice Ronald George testified that “California’s death penalty system is dysfunctional.” A review of year-end statistics certainly confirms the former Chief Justice’s conclusion. While the death penalty appears to be waning across the country, California remains somewhat of an outlier. In 2010, California courts sentenced 34

Sony Tweets PS3 Jailbreak Code to the World: Hacker Litigation FAIL

We’re guessing that Sony has its PS3 controllers in a twist today. Sony has been on a legal warpath against PS3 hackers, who figured out and shared the game maker’s jailbreak code. But all that changed yesterday. That’s when Long Island geek Travis La Marr tweeted Sony’s PS3 jail break code to @TheKevinButler, a twitter account run by Deutsch, the