Little Sheba the Happy Birthday Hug Pug

Sheba, Justia’s original HugPug, turns seven today!

For those of you lucky enough to have dogs around while you work, you know how wonderful it is to have these four-footed friends at any office.

Sheba, and fellow Justia pugs, Rio and Belle, along with other doggie friends Tank (aka, Le Réservoir Dog) and Mino, bring us plenty of laughs, provide unconditional love and relieve more than a little of life’s daily stresses.

Three cheers (or barks!) and Happy Birthday Sheba!

6 Responses to Little Sheba the Happy Birthday Hug Pug

  1. avatar mia axelsson says:

    happy birthday:)
    from mia sweden

  2. avatar Michelle Cardenas says:

    Happy Birthday Sheba!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. avatar Joseph Ordaz says:

    What a very cute pug. I hope Sheba has a Very Fun Birthday. I wish I had pictures of my pug Steven when he was little (we rescued him from the shelter)he is also 7yrs old.

  4. avatar Patti Ustynoski says:

    Happy birthday, Sheba!!!!! She is just darling, as are her siblings. My pug, Lily, is just two. Lily wishes Sheba a Happy Birthday too!!!!!

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