Haunted Trademarks

You know I love Halloween, right? Last year I wrote about selling haunted houses. This year it’s Halloween IP. We have two suits queued up in Dockets regarding trademark of Halloween Haunted House brands. It’s time for some trademark awesomeness: who owns the right to scary names? First up with Happy Halloween, Inc. [seriously] v. Screams, LLC [no, seriously]. Both

TimeZone Database Editors Sued

An interesting copyright suit has come across the wires:  Astrolable, Inc. v. Arthur David Olson and Paul Eggert. The complaint alleges that Defendants infringed on the Plaintiff’s copyright assignment to historical time zone information with their Timezone (tz or zoneinfo) database. The Timezone database, also called the Olson Database, is a library of historical timezone information. It is intended primarily

Adobe Flash + Clickjacking: Who Could Be Watching You (or Not)?

You hope that your computer is secure. Your clients depend on it, and your law firm’s insurance carrier prefers it. An unsettling discovery by Stanford University computer science student Feross Aboukhadijeh, however, could test that theory. He says that that a malicious website using Adobe Flash, when combined with ‘Clickjacking,’ could actually turn your webcam and microphone on without you

ABA Law Firm Marketing Strategies Conference – Spread the Word – November 8-9, 2011

The ABA Law Practice Management Section will host its two-day Law Firm Marketing Strategies Conference in Philadelphia this year on November 8th and 9th. The conference offers attendees an opportunity to learn about law firm marketing, including new and emerging topics, as well as best practices in legal marketing for lawyers and law firms. Highlights of the conference include keynote

What Lawyers Can Learn From Steve Jobs

At Justia, we mourn the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, a technical genius, marketing wizard, and superstar par excellence. Most lawyers are familiar with at least a few Apple products. They play with them outside of work, and may be fortunate enough to use them in their practice. Law firms can learn a thing or two from Apple:

Justia’s Top 10 Lists for September 2011

Here is a rundown of September’s highest scoring lawyers on Justia Legal Answers, along with a look at which Onward blog and Facebook posts readers viewed the most. Justia Legal Answers’ Top 10 Legal Answerers for September 2011 Jon Matthew Martinez, 850 points, 17 answers David Philip Shapiro, Esq., 500 points, 10 answers J. Richard Kulerski, Esq., 380 points, 8

Remembering Steve Jobs

My first hands-on experience with a personal computer was when my parents brought home an Apple II Plus. That computer and its sibling, the Apple IIe, introduced our family to the unbounded world of word processing, spreadsheets and, of course, games. These computers also launched my lifelong appreciation of and affection for Apple products. From PowerBook to MacBook Pro, and

USPTO Denies ‘Casey Anthony’ Trademark Application

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected California company Grant Media’s recent trademark application for the phrase ‘Casey Anthony.’ Yes, that Casey Anthony: the Florida mother whom a jury acquitted of murdering her young daughter Caylee Anthony. The trial received an enormous amount of media attention on the Web, television, and in print media. Exactly why did they USPTO reject