“A sniff is up to snuff . . . ” Justia Weekly Writers’ Picks

We start off our picks this week with a dog sniff case from the Supreme Court.  A side note that several opinions came down from the High Court this week – to check them all out go to Justia’s Supreme Court Center , or sign up for our USSC Summary Newsletter. Florida v. Harris, US Supreme Court (2/19/13) Civil Rights,

The Dog Did It – Justia’s Weekly Writers’ Picks

Caldwell v. Cablevision Sys. Corp., New York Court of Appeals (2/7/13) After falling on the street and injuring her leg, Plaintiff commenced this negligence action against Communications Specialists, Inc. (CSI) for creating a hazardous condition in the road by failing to properly pave over a trench CSI cut to install high-speed fiber-optic cable underneath the street. To rebut Plaintiff’s testimony

Crowdsourcing Bills and Law Revisions

Two legislative crowdsourcing efforts came across my desk today: OpenPACER and Fork the Law. I love the idea of collective effort to make laws. The government has tried this to some extent with Regulations.gov. There, you can sort, view, and comment on proposed regulations. An even better iteration of this is GovPulse, a site that was created in the private

Federal Court Opinion Pilot Project Expanded

The Judicial Council announced last week that they plan to expand a pilot program to push federal court opinions to FDSys. In theory, that means that all federal court opinions could be published and freely available in the FDSys database soon. FDSys is the digital repository for federal publications. It is operated by the Government Printing Office. Last year, the Judicial