FastCase to Launch “Bad Law Bot”

A heads up that our friends at FastCase are about to launch the “Bad Law Bot” – or as they refer to it, their newest team member! No, this isn’t some evil case law robot sent to do us all harm from the future, but rather a cool enhancement to FastCase’s authority check feature. The Bad Law Bot algorithmically checks

Justia Weekly Writers’ Picks: One for the Road

Abdouch v. Lopez, Nebraska Supreme Court (4/19/13) Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Injury Law Plaintiff was a resident of Nebraska. In 1963, Plaintiff received a copy of the book “Revolutionary Road,” which was inscribed to her by the late author Richard Yates. Plaintiff’s inscribed copy of the book was later stolen. Ken Lopez and his company, Ken Lopez Bookseller (KLB), bought

Justia Weekly Writers’ Picks

Missouri v McNeely, United States Supreme Court (4/17/13) Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law McNeely, stopped for speeding and crossing the centerline, declined to take a breath test to measure his blood alcohol concentration (BAC). He was arrested and taken to a hospital. The officer never attempted to secure a search warrant. McNeely refused to consent, but the officer directed

Justia Weekly Writers’ Picks – What Would Sister Bertrille Do?

McCarthy v. Fuller, US 7th Cir (4/10/13) Constitutional Law, Contracts, Non-Profit Organizations In 1956, Sister Ephrem of the Most Precious Blood, experienced apparitions of the Virgin Mary, during which, Sister Ephrem claimed, she was told: “I am Our Lady of America.” The Archbishop supported a program of devotions to Our Lady of America. In 1965 Pope Paul VI approved creation