Detroit Bankruptcy Filings

The City of Detroit filed for Bankruptcy protection last week. It is the largest municipality in the US to seek such relief. Justia is collecting the documents filed in the case and posting them here. For more information on the news story, check out the Detroit Free Press Coverage.

FISA Court: Updates to the Public Docket and More

The US Government  responded yesterday to the FISC’s order to conduct a declassification review in the Yahoo case. Their response asks for 45 and 60 days to complete the full review. They cite the need for interagency coordination, the volume and type of materials, and multiple FOIA requests in support of this request. In the Microsoft and Google cases, the

U.S. House of Representatives Makes U.S. Code Available in Bulk XML

There’s great news out of Washington today on the open government and transparency front. House Speaker John Boehner  and Majority Leader Eric Cantor have announced via press release that the United States Code (the “Code”) will now be available for download in XML format. Users will be able to download individual sections of the Code or, if desired, the entire

Pending Cases on the FISA Public Court Docket

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has created a public docket for declassified opinions. The documents have been released through the efforts of providers like Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google, as well as advocacy groups like the ACLU and the EFF, who filed requests to publish the opinions and filings in the FISC. Since FISA was enacted, the FISC and FISA Court

I Say Natasha, You Say Nikita – Justia Weekly Writers’ Picks

Hobbs v. John, U.S. 7th Cir. (7/17/13) Copyright, Entertainment & Sports Law In 1982 Hobbs was working as a photographer on a Russian cruise ship where he had a brief affair with a Russian waitress. Based on the experience, he wrote a song, “Natasha” about an ill-fated romance between a man from the U.K. and a Ukrainian woman. In 1983,

Should Asiana Sue KTVU-TV for Reporting Bogus Pilot Names?

Asiana Airlines announced today that it plans to sue a San Francisco television station for broadcasting incorrect and racially insensitive names of the pilots involved in the airplane crash earlier this month. On Friday, KTVU-TV reported that the names of the pilots of the crash had been released, but the names read (and displayed) were bogus names that were akin

EPIC asks U.S. Supreme Court to Vacate FISA Court Surveillance Order

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) filed for a writ of mandamus and prohibition in the Supreme Court of the United States yesterday, asking them to vacate the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court’s Order requiring production of phone records for domestic customers of Verizon. In the petition, the questions presented are (1) Whether the FISC exceeded its statutory authority under 50

California’s Public Records Act Survives Legislative Defunding Threat

California’s Public Records Act survived a near miss last week. The EFF reports that the California legislature passed a bill last week that included a trailer to cut CPRA funding. The trailer bill would have made compliance with the CPRA optional for local governments. Thanks to pressure from activists, the bill was replaced, and the CPRA language removed. But it’s