Oklahoma – It’s “Official”

HT to Professor Peter Martin who posts in his blog, Citing Legally, the news that, as of January 1, 2014, “sixty years after the Oklahoma Supreme Court designated the West Publishing Company as the ‘official publisher’ of its decisions, it [has] revoked that designation.”  Going forward, the electronic versions of Oklahoma appellate court decisions rendered after January 1st and posted

Save Our State from Ourselves: The Oklahoma Anti-Sharia Law

Last week, the State of Oklahoma held a referendum on the use of Sharia Law by the Oklahoma state courts. The referendum garnered 70.08% of the vote, with 695,650 people voting for and 296,944 voting against the proposal. The ballot to State Question No. 755 read as follows: STATE QUESTION NO. 755 LEGISLATIVE REFERENDUM NO. 355 This measure amends the