MSN Search Wiki – For Feedback on MSN Search


Hi Friends,
As noted by Sabrina Pacifici informed us (and me) last week on her blog BeSpacific, Microsoft took the beta off their MSN Search and went live with it on the MSN portal site last week.
Microsoft Channel Nine Logo This should greatly increase the use of MSN Search. For those who would like to give feedback to Microsoft, the developer communications site Channel 9 have set up MSN Search Feedback Wikis for user and developer feedback.
So far the MSN search is working well for us at Justia, we are number 1 for every term we optimized our Web site for! This is a Microsoft product I like (even though I primarily use a Mac… I do use Microsoft Office though :).
And of course with the release of MSN Search, Microsoft will now have a reason to update their browser beyond the competition form Mozilla’s Firefox…. namely a new interface that focuses more on Web search. Maybe in a year or so, when the first part/version of Longhorn is released. And for blog readers, here is msnsearch’s Weblog.
Peace – Tim