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Hi Friends, I thought I would do a quick post on a few Google Resources. Not that there is really anything new here, just that Justia’s blog is new, and we felt should have some...

Hi Friends,

I thought I would do a quick post on a few Google Resources. Not that there is really anything new here, just that Justia’s blog is new, and we felt should have some posts of and links to the basics.

So here are some Google resources…

Google BlogFirst is the Google Blog. It is used by Google to introduce new features of and changes to their site, such as today’s post about Google adding the “Local” link to the Google home page for Google’s Local Search.

The Google-Friends announcement list has (finally) moved to Google Groups from Yahoo! Groups*. In what can only be considered a blatant rip-off of the Google-friends list, Justia has also set up Justia-Friends at Google Groups as well. So please join the Justia list when you sign up for the Google list.

Google Guy – is an engineer at Google who posts on the various search engine discussion boards about Google’s results and rankings among other things. Google Guy is really Matt Cutts [ pic ] a programmer at Google, but that may change, since he chose the moniker GoogleGuy rather than his own name so the person behind the name could be switched out with another programmer (maybe even a female programmer) at any time.

Read a summary of some of the things the Google Guy has stated on the discussion boards here.

Google RankingsHere are some non-Google Google resources, starting with two message boards worth checking out. The Google Forum and the Google Forum

And here is Google Rankings, a tool to check your ranking in Google, which apparently has been okayed for doing such checks by Google’s legal department. They have many other nice tools and scripts there that can be used in search engine optimizing your Web site (keyword density tools, Yahoo! Rankings… ). The site is certainly worth checking out.

And here is a paper on the Google prototype for historical purposes.

Well, the new news of this post is Google putting the Local search link on their home page. And since you read this far, then I will give you the key to doing well with Google’s local search…have your full street address on all of your Web site pages.

Peace – Tim

And finally, visit Google Labs for the interesting public betas that have been released. The one I like is Google Site Flavored Search. Here is a law flavored search.

* Yahoo! Groups is the former eGroups (and OneList), which was originally Scott Hassan’s FindMail before it was a commerical enterprise. Larry’s brother Carl Page was one of the co-founders, along with multi-company co-founder (including FindLaw) Martin Roscheisen and, of course, the man with the original plan Scott.

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