Yahoo! Toolbar Beta for Mozilla Firefox Browser


Hi Friends,

Yahoo! has released a beta version of their toolbar for Firefox, if you run Windows.

Yahoo! toolbar for Firefox

A Macintosh version should be out soon (you can get an email from Yahoo! when the Mac (or Linux) version is ready by clicking here).

You can read more about the Yahoo! Firefox tool bar on the Yahoo! Search blog.

The main value I see (for me at least) is being able to add RSS feeds into MyYahoo! And the Yahoo! Firefox toolbar also has the AltaVista Babelfish “Translate This Page” functionality.

Once it is out for the Mac, I will add it to my Firefox browser (along with my other Firefox extensions, GoogleBar, the unofficial Google Toolbar for Mozilla and my A9 Firefox toolbar). And I can hardly wait for the MSN Search Firefox toolbar for the Macintosh.

Peace – Tim