1. Initial Registration – Justia’s Free Law Firm Web Sites


Hi Friends,

Here is how you register into the system. This will seem obvious to most, but here it goes…


You begin on the Justia free Web site home page and click on the “New User >> Sign Up Now!” button.


That will take you to a registration page. Fill out the information, meet and agree to the conditions and submit the form.


You will be thanked for submitting the form 🙂


Now check your email… and click on the text “Verify My Justia Account” link , or clip and copy the URL into your Web browser.


Once you have clicked on the URL in your email, you will have confirmed your email address. We are ready to start entering law firm content into your new Web site.

Enter your password, and you will be taken to the step by step editor… which is covered in the next post.

Peace – Tim

Justia’s Free Web sites for Law Firms Blog post outline

0. Overview

1. Initial Registration (you are here)

2. Initial Data Entry

3. Additional Editing, Previewing and Publishing the Site

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