Overview – Justia’s Free Law Firm Web Sites – Free Online Marketing for Law Firms Tool #1


Hi Friends,

I will start this series of posts on free marketing services for law firms with Justia’s own free lawyer Web sites service.

Although we have only been up and running for a few months now, this has been the one project we focused on from the get-go. It is the same backend as our pay system, with certain limitations on the number of sections and pages, as well on the number of localities and practice area keywords for search engine optimization. Currently there are only three template designs, but we will be adding additional designs over time.

Free Law Firm Web Sites from Justia

All Justia’s free Law Firm Web sites include:

  • Your Own Subdomain (firmname.justia.net)
  • Template Web Design
  • Search engine optimized pages
  • Firm Home Page
  • Firm Profile Page
  • Firm Location Page
  • Practice Area Profiles
  • Attorney Profiles
  • Web Resources Page
  • Legal Articles Section
  • W3C Web standards design & layout
  • U.S. 508 and W3C’s Web Accessibility Guidelines

Setting up a site basically is composed of a few steps.

  1. Registering into the system.
  2. Initial firm data entry with the Step by Step Editor
  3. Additional editing using the Site editor – if desired
  4. Previewing the site and/or Publishing

You do not need to publish the site immediately. The (unpublished) preview will allow you to see the Web site exactly as it will appear to users. You can add content and data multiple times, until you are ready and the publish the site.

You can update the site with our online editing tools 24/7. You can even change designs whenever you wish (limited to the templates we have in the system).

We save the data in database and publish static xhtml files for faster loading for users and search engine spiders.

Even if you already have a Web site, you can make a free Justia law firm Web site. You can even link to your current Web site.

So with that introduction, let’s begin a walk through the application in the following blog posts.

  1. Initial Registration
  2. Initial Data Entry
  3. Additional Editing, Previewing and Publishing the Site

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* Justia’s free Web site service was originally announced on Sheba’s Hug Pug Weblog.