Kanoodle launches LocalTarget for text ad placement on city and locality focused Web sites


Hi Friends,

kanoodle_logo.gif Kanoodle launched LocalTarget for targeting of text links on content pages of city and locality focused Web sites today.

Kanoodle places the text ads on a network of their partners’ Web sites that are targeted towards specific localities and cities (this is not the same as Google and Overture’s individual page specific content ad placement).


Thus with Kanoodle, if you wanted to target a Chicago audience, your text ad would show up on Chicago related or focused Web sites.

My experience with Kanoodle has not been positive. The Kanoodle leads that clicked on my Kanoodle ads just did not convert, or in fact do much of anything on my Web site, other than click over to the landing page and leave (others have had similar experiences). This is in sharp contrast to Google AdWords and Overture, where we have gotten much better results.

Before advertising with Kanoodle’s LocalTarget, I would look at Kannodle’s partner sites for your particular locality, and then start with a low bid while measuring the results (conversions/page views/repeat visits) of each click over. But before spending your marketing dollars on Kanoodle, make sure you have local Google and Overture campaigns set up and running. Then spend on Kanoodle or other pay per click marketers (eg FindWhat), maybe they will work for you, they did not work for us.

Peace – Tim

Justia Product Marketing Message : We offer Google and Overture local campaigns as part of our Justia Web Pro and Justia Practice Pro Web site packages. This includes setup of keywords and phrases, locality settings, ad text and landing pages. Four (4) Google and Overture practice-area/locality setups are included at no extra charge with these packages [ see Justia Web Site Pricing ]. Our focus is to get your pay per click ad quality user views that lead to quality user clicks, allowing you to maximize the ROI of your online marketing budget.

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