LocalSearchGuide.org and Internet Yellow Pages Falling Behind Search Engines – 4 steps for their survival


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According to a Forester Research report (see article on ClickZ), Internet Yellow Pages providers have fallen behind in the battle for the local search audience and will need to partner to remain competitive in 2005. The report by Charlene Li (Charlene’s blog) gave four suggestions for the Internet Yellow Pages.

  1. offer better local content, such as more detailed business profiles
  2. partner for both local search technology and content
  3. develop new products and services for local businesses to brand themselves as a local search engine marketing provider
  4. dominate local sales by creating an advertising network that would allow for national buys and partnering with search engines, as seen in Bell South’s partnership with Google

Read the ClickZ Article for more information…

Of course the 5th step, for independent Internet Yellow Page providers, is to sell your Internet Yellow Pages to one of the remaining RBOCs, or two of them, like YellowPages.com (Dane Madsen et al) sold to SBC and BellSouth late last year ๐Ÿ™‚

For information on Internet Yellow Pages from the Yellow Pages Association, visit their LocalSearchGuide.org, which was launched in December of 2004.


Q. What is the Local Search Guide?

A. The Local Search Guide is an Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) and Search Engine Who’s Who. Updated frequently, this objective resource profiles IYP, Search Engine and Search Tool companies’ Local Search capabilities. (from the Yellow Pages Association’s Local Search Guide’s About Page).

The Local Search Guide has profiles on the following companies:

Internet Yellow Page Companies

bestredyp.com [ site | profile ]

DexOnline.com [ site | profile ]

RealPages.com [ site | profile ]

SMARTpages.com [ site | profile ]

SuperPages.com [ site | profile ]

Switchboard.com [ site | profile ]

UnitedYellowPages.com [ site | profile ]

VALOR Telecom [ site | profile ]

WorldPages.com [ site | profile ]

Yellow.ca [ site | profile ]

YellowBook.com [ site | profile ]

YellowPages.com [ site | profile ]

YP.com [ site | profile ]

Zip411.net [ site | profile ]

Search Engines and Portals

A9.com [ site | profile ]

AlltheWeb [ site | profile ]

AltaVista [ site | profile ]

AOL [ site | profile ]

Ask Jeeves [ site | profile ]

Citysearch [ site | profile ]

Dogpile [ site | profile ]

Excite [ site | profile ]

Google [ site | profile ]

HotBot [ site | profile ]

InfoSpace [ site | profile ]

LookSmart [ site | profile ]

Lycos [ site | profile ]

Mamma [ site | profile ]

MetaCrawler [ site | profile ]

Metrobot [ site | profile ]

MSN Search [ site | profile ]

Teoma [ site | profile ]

WebCrawler [ site | profile ]

Yahoo! [ site | profile ]

In any case as I continue my law firm Internet marketing “how to” posts over the next few months, I will run through the products offered to law firms from each of these Internet Yellow Pages, as well as the search engines and portals. And hopefully at the end of all this, we will be able to give a simple plan for spending your marketing dollars. And of course I will cover your free options as well ๐Ÿ™‚

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