Send a 1GB file over the Internet with – Free Online Marketing for Law Firms Tool #5


Hi Friends,

Today and tomorrow I am going to cover a few more free tools, starting with‘s service for transferring large files over the Internet. You can upload/send files of up to 1GB.

How does‘s service works? You upload the file to the server and then have send a link in an email to the email address of the recipient that you would like to give access to the file. The recipient can then click on the link and download the file. That’s it.


Here is the URL of the file that I just uploaded to the system:

As you can see, the URL is not easily guessable, but it is not secure. While you can use https to securely upload the file if desired, access to the file itself is not password protected.

Anyone who visits that URL can not just download the file, but can also remove the file from’s servers (so if you do not see a file at this URL it is probably because someone deleted it). But unless you tell many people the URL, like I just did, it is unlikely the file will be deleted before the recipient downloads it (and/or deletes it him/herself).‘s service works well for sending very large documents that email services may not be able to handle. Examples are large Photoshop files or PowerPoint presentations or any large document where confidentiality is not critical. i have personally used it many times, and service is great.

And best of all‘s service is free 🙂

Peace – Tim

Note: You may have seen the service being used by the Web site when they were collecting tsunami videos.

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