Google GMail turns 1, increases storage, – notes on GMail free forwarding, POP/SMTP access – Free Online Marketing for Law Firms Tool #6


Hi Friends,

gmail-logo.gif GMail turned 1 today. Google increased GMail’s storage immediately to 1.5GB (for my accounts at least), with plans to increase to 2GB (as stated on CNET and others) and then… Infinity + 1GB (or at least… more).

In any case Google has again pulled ahead of Yahoo! in the “we offer more free space” marketing realm, – Yahoo! recently announced that Yahoo! Mail will increase its storage to 1 GB in the near future. Microsoft Hotmail continues with its “huge” 250MB of mail storage. (anyone still remember 4mb – 10mb mails boxes?).

Of course Google offers more than free Web mail. Each GMail account also comes with free Email forwarding as well as, POP access and SMTP sending for GMail. So you can configure GMail for POP and SMTP services for local computer clients, like Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc…

Personally I find the GMail POP/SMTP access more valuable than the increased storage (neither Yahoo! nor Microsoft are offering free POP/SMTP access).


And you can see your new GMail message titles in your news reader with an ATOM feed of your GMail account. And…. to see additional new features on GMail, visit the What’s new on GMail. Visit this page often, as it seems to change about once a week.

And if you want your own GMail account, go to, enter your current email address, and a GMail invite will be sent to you. Better hurry though, they only have 665,592 invites available to share.

UPDATE: I am now up to 2GB for my account, and… I tend to use my GMail accounts for all of the mailing lists I am subscribed to (eg Law-Lib, etc…). It is a nice place to have you own personal archive of the mailing lists (and, as noted, with GMail’s POP access you can download them to your local machine as well)

Peace – Tim

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