Follow Your Search Engine Rankings with RSS Feeds from MSN


A multi-billion dollar technology company has unveiled the latest wrinkle in search engine functionality. However, this time, we’re talking about Microsoft, not Google. Surprised?

Starting from, I ran a search for law firm web design.


Similarly, I can run the same law firm web design search from MSN Search.


Here are the search results.


Now, at the bottom of the search results page, there is an RSS link.


Clicking the RSS link, leads you to the RSS Feed for MSN Search page.


You have the option of pasting the URL provided into your own RSS reader, or clicking on one of the three buttons to add the MSN search feed to one of the readers displayed. I clicked on the My Yahoo button, which took me to My Yahoo. I then clicked on the + Add To My Yahoo! button.


My Yahoo then reported that the feed had been added. Clicking on the Go to My Yahoo! link takes me to My Yahoo.


Here’s how your feed will appear on My Yahoo—probably without the Lakers background though unless you’re a fan too. Glad this season is over.