I Spy Competitive Intelligence for Law Firm Marketing Consultants


I Spy a legal referral company looking for clients.


For law firm marketing professionals seeking competitive intelligence, GoogSpy offers a trove of marketing data. What keywords are competitors purchasing and what audiences are they targeting?

At first glance, GoogSpy offers a clean user interface reminiscent of Google. However, unlike Google, GoogSpy isn’t flawless as the disclaimer notes. I’ve come across an error message or two on occasion, but waiting a few seconds and reloading the page works as a temporary fix. The hassle is well worth the value of the information that GoogSpy uncovers.


So, I ran a search for martindale. The results returned included some matching domain names and search terms.


I clicked on the martindale.com link which then lead me to a page that displayed Martindale’s rankings for certain search terms, its top 25 competitors, and Google Adwords it pays for. It appears that Martindale is targeting lawyers seeking legal support services.


I guess that Martindale is trying to become more than just a lawyer directory. Do they give AV ratings to court reporters too? 🙂 While you are using GoogSpy, don’t forget to have a little fun.

I Spy a political party that is targeting the House majority leader.


I Spy a competitive intelligence web site that I will be returning to a lot in the future.