Photo Stamps Return! – Market your Law Firm with official US Postage Photo Stamp


Hi Friends,

Let’s take a small break from the incredibly useful free stratrgic intelligence resources for law firms that Mr. Ken Chan is providing, and get back to the important things in life – puppies and photo stamps… and the implications for actionable legal marketing. is relaunching their personalized US postage photo stamps. You can once again use your own photos to make custom official US postage photo stamps. Law Firms can use photo stamps as an inexpensive way to market their services (the stamp cost is about 1.6x – 2.3x the price of postage, with additional higher volume discounts (see photo stamps pricing)).

Sheba wearing a Justia Shirt Stamp

We of course use photo stamps to show off our puppy, Little Sheba the Hug Pug (in a Justia t-shirt :). There are many different Sheba stamps (see Sheba Stamps) made during the trial period last year of the’s photo stamps service. We will be making more Little Sheba photo stamps soon!

Law firms (or legal service companies) may want to use their law firm logo, pictures of their attorneys, or maybe even their own office dog (will we see a VersusLaw Rex or PaperStreet Saki dog stamp, soon? My guess is yes :).

In any case, Photo stamps is an inexpensive way for law firms and legal service companies to promote their brand to their clients and potential clients.

Peace – Tim

Also Photo stamps are great for non-legal marketing personal use as well… use them to send postal mail to mom and dad 🙂

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