Google Releases Beta of Personalized Google Home Page – Google Local Marketing


Hi Friends,

Google released their (your) personalized Home Page today, allowing you to add your GMail subject lines, “personalized” Weather, Stocks, News and of course recent Slashdot posts.


Google’s interface is nice (better than MyYahoo!) for moving things around or editing individual modules on your actual personalized Google home page.


The content choices are sparse. Stock, Weather and News – the basics. Google does not allow you to add in RSS or ATOM feeds (yet) like Ken’s version of his MyYahoo! legal desk top from his legal competitive intelligence post. But just give Google time… 🙂

To a certain extent, the personalized Home Page can be seen as a way for Google to get local information about you for localized advertising. One more move into the Yellow Pages market by the number 1 Internet Company. Your zip code for the weather is really the key personalized information for localized ads, allowing Google to send local ads to your searches, just like Yahoo! does to MyYahoo! users (although Google is not currently using your weather zip code for that purpose… yet).

For law firms it is one more reason to update your local Google listing at the Google Local Business Center.

Here are the Google Blog posts on the new Personalized Home Page Post 1 | Post 2 and here is the link to the Google Personalized Home Page.

Peace – Tim

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