How to share your Personalized Google (Legal Competitive Intelligence) News Page with Others – Free Share of Google Redeemable for Law Firm Competitive Intelligence


Yesterday, Google released a customizable Home Page, which Tim Stanley reviewed in a prior post on this blog. This may be the first time that I’ve been disappointed with a Google product because it just wasn’t customizable to the degree that I expected. Specifically, I was looking for customized news feeds—like the ones I can set-up on Google News.

In the screenshot below, you will see a baker mckenzie news module on the left-hand side and a “medical devices” patent module on the right-hand side. Howeer, I cannot customize or remove the Top Stories module.


I’ve scrolled further down the page and took another screenshot. On the left-hand side, the law firm theme continues with stories on jones day and skadden arps. On the right-hand side, my practice area theme continues with stories on trade secret and “center for devices and radiological health”.


This is another way to gather competitive intelligence on law firms and news affecting your practice areas. As for the free share of Google, you may be asking what’s that all about. Well, at the bottom of the customized Google News page, there’s a link to Share your customized news with a friend.

So, instead of just sharing screenshots, I will freely share of My Google News. If you want to edit any of the modules, click on the Make this page your customized news link at the top of page. Now, if anyone really has a free share of Google, let me know.