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Hi Friends, The Justia gang has listed a set of the legal marketing blogs (and few other selected blogs that periodically mention legal marketing) we like to read and has set up a site of...

Hi Friends,

The Justia gang has listed a set of the legal marketing blogs (and few other selected blogs that periodically mention legal marketing) we like to read and has set up a site of links to their most recent posts (updated throughout the day and night). The URL is

The idea is to give you a quick overview of today’s legal marketing news as determined by the experts, maybe find a post or blog that interests you that you have not seen, and then a link to the blog so you can subscribe to that blog directly (also note – this is a first version, and we will be improving this site over time).

We list the latest headlines of the different blogs ordered by date/time. Each headline simply links to a blog’s post. If you are in the archive and want to be on the top of the list… simply make a new blog post.

We list the blogs currently in the index on the side with links to the blogs themselves.

Lawyer Marketing Blogs

Here are the legal marketing blogs we are starting this site out with…

If there are additional legal marketing blogs out there that we should link to, please email us and we will add the RSS feed. We are looking for blogs that are focused on providing marketing news, information and commentary, not just the marketing of a firm’s products or services (although having periodic marketing, like our FindLaw FirmSite to Justia Web Site post is okay with us :).

Selected Legal Technology, Marketing and Puppy Blogs

We have added a few legal technology and information blogs (the four we read everyday – beSpacific, The Common Scold, LawSites and the [non]billable hour ). There are many more we could add, but we did not want to overwhelm the list with non-marketing posts.

We have the official search engine blogs (Ask Jeeves, Google, MSN and Yahoo!), and one general marketing blog (Seth Godin’s Blog – because we like his books). In reality we actually read many more general marketing and SEO blogs, but again to add them all would dominate the listings, and you would miss out on the “legal” marketing uniqueness of the more focused blogs.

Little Sheba the Hug Pug If you have a general marketing, legal technology or legal information blog that has legal marketing information and you add/have a legal marketing category, then we would be happy to add or help you set up a category specific feed (easy to do in Movabletype or WordPress, harder to do with Blogger and TypePad. For Blogger and TypePad, see Richard Akerman Science Library Pad post on using Blogdigger for category based RSS feeds).

Finally we have included my puppy Little Sheba the Hug Pug’s blog, simply because… I like my dog. And once again, the URL for the list of legal blog marketing headlines is

Peace – Tim

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