Submit your BlawgCast to Apple’s iTunes Music Store PodCast Section


Hi Friends,

Adam Curry iPodder on iTunesAs I noted in my previous post on PodCasts, Apple was planning to add PodCast support into the iTunes Music Store. Well that day has arrived! And you can now submit your own PodCasts to the Apple iTunes Music Store, where others can find them for play on iTunes or their iPod.

And with a PodCast leader like iPodder Adam Curry onboard… well you know this is a winner for Apple.

Apple Music Store

Here is the PodCast section of the Apple iTunes Music Store. And in the middle of the page you will see a graphic “Publish a Podcast” to click on to add your own PodCast feed.

Apple Music Store

You then just click on the link, submit your feed and… if Apple okays it, your feed will be on the Apple iTunes Music Store and available for iTunes users everywhere!!! Click here to submit your PodCast feed to the iTunes Store now. (for those who want more tech details, here is a PDF file with technical RSS 2.0 specifications from Apple).

I would strongly encourage everyone who has a PodCast/BlawgCast to submit it to the Apple Music store, as this will likely become a major distribution means for PodCasts.

Here are some related links to the Apple Music Store Pod Cast Announcement

And of course Mac users should join the MacLawyers Yahoo! Group and visit their Web site. And for those who need a break from finding their law firm 360 degree view from space – all of the standard sized iPods now have color screens, so listen in color 🙂

Peace – Tim

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