Silence is Golden


When you meet with your clients, do you bring them into your quiet office or conference room so that you can speak to them free from distractions? After all, you have some valuable advice you wish to impart and you want them to absorb as much of it as possible. And, surely, during an intial consultation, you do not have an associate or paralegal standing by your side ringing a bell or striking a gong every time you mention your law firm’s name, let alone spinning a poster of your law firm’s logo in the background, do you?

So, why would you think differently when you are trying to communicate to clients via your web site? If a repetitive chime during an initial consultation meeting is considered annoying, why would it be perceived as being cool or high tech the second, third or fourth time your potential client hears it as she browses through your web site. The truth is, it isn’t. Be judicious in incorporating any flash, audio or video on your web site. Make sure it enhances, rather than distracts from, the user experience.