Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer of Anaheim


los-angeles.jpgHow do you market your law practice? For law firms based in a metropolis, focusing on your home base makes a lot of sense. After all, why head towards the suburbs looking for clients when you have plenty of low-hanging fruit in your own backyard.

However, if your office is located in the suburbs, what do you do? If you’ve hung your shingle down the street from Disneyland, do you optimize your web site for Anaheim personal injury lawyer? Or, maybe you borrow a page from the Angels and call yourself a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer of Anaheim. The right answer may depend on the nature of your practice and how far potential clients are willing to travel to meet with you.

A different problem arises when an attorney seeks to convey a more regional reach. For example, let’s consider a Santa Clara divorce attorney. San Francisco is too far away. She doesn’t want to travel to San Francisco and potential clients in the City probably aren’t willing to drive down to see her in Santa Clara, espcially when plenty of capable attorneys have set-up shop closer by. And, while San Jose is next door, the name doesn’t carry the same big city cachet. So, what about South Bay divorce lawyer? If South Bay is good enough for craigslist, is it good enough for her?

Google Trends offers an easy answer. If we search for south bay, Google tells us that while people from Sunnyvale, Santa Clara and San Jose do search for south bay, the bulk of the searches for that term originate from the other south bay—Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes Peninsula and Torrance. Not such a good idea then, eh?