Where is here?


What happens when billions of web pages link to click here? Google aggregates all the click here links so that if anyone actually searched for that term, we know that Adobe Acrobat Reader is the #1 click here search result. This isn’t because Adobe is optimizing their web site for click here. Instead, a lot of web pages are telling people to click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.


We can also see the search results for here.


As you can see, click here is different from click here.

Top 5 Google Search Results for…
Click HereHere
Adobe Acrobat ReaderAdobe Acrobat Reader
XE.com – Universal Currency ConverterMapQuest
Apple – QuickTimeApple QuickTime
Netscape BrowserRhapsody & RealPlayer
Microsoft Internet ExplorerMicrosoft Internet Explorer

Logically, no one searches for Adobe Acrobat Reader by entering here into Google. However, after reading this blog, they just might since it’s a lot faster to type here than Adobe Acrobat Reader. 🙂 The lesson here is to label your links correctly. If your web site offers criminal lawyer resources, then label the link as such instead of telling people to click here for criminal lawyer resources. It’ll take a lot of Google Juice to unseat Adobe Acrobat Reader for the #1 click here spot.