Easy to Remember, but…


question.jpg Last week, I mentioned that businesses should hyperlink their street address to one of the online map providers. Why? Well, which one is simpler and less error prone? Clicking on a link that leads to the correct map or retyping an entire street address? Of course, clicking on a link is simpler. Anytime your clients have to retype a street address, they may enter the number, street name, street direction or city name incorrectly, which will lead them to the wrong location. You want your clients to easily find your office.

Along the same line, some businesses—including Justia (1-888-Justia-1)—have translated their phone number to an easier to remember alphanumeric sequence. However, unless you also display the numerical phone number (1-888-587-8421) alongside, your client will have to convert the alphabets back into numbers, which may result in a translation error.

This issue came up when I was trying to add the contact information from a business card into my address book. I had no problem typing in most of the information, but when it came time to enter the phone number, I was stumped. Without a phone in front of me, how was I supposed to convert the alphabets back to numbers? The lesson here is don’t list a phone number that is easy to remember but difficult to dial.