Westwood to Santa Monica in 11 Hours


bruin.jpgWestwood, CA. If you ask some Angelenos about Westwood, they may gush about that hip college town that is home to UCLA, a school that is renowned for both its academic and athletic programs. But, what may surprise many is Westwood’s small-town charm and affordable housing. Boasting a population of under 2,000, Westwood is attractively priced with a median house value of $76,000 (2000). Before you pack your bags and call up your realtor, you may want to first check out a map because Westwood may not be where you think it is.


Yes, this is a map of Westwood, CA. And, by the way, Santa Monica is only an 11 hour drive away. Be sure to gripe about LA’s infamous traffic during your entire 625 mile one-way road trip.

So, what does this have to do with legal marketing? Well, some businesses list addresses on their website that cannot be used to retrieve a correct online map. For example, if a Los Angeles business lists Westwood in its street address, a potential client retyping this address into an online map service would be led to Westwood, CA in Lassen County. If you insist on including Westwood in your street address, at least hyperlink to an online map with the correct street address.