Six Apart Acquires Rojo



Hi Friends,

Six Apart has acquired Rojo. You can read the press release or news on the Six Apart blog or the Rojo blog. six apart Chris Alden, the CEO of Rojo, will be taking over as the Executive VP of the MovableType division. In any case, Rojo has been one of the services that I have used for tracking blogs, and I really really hope that this works out well both for the Rojo services and the MovableType software. It sounds like the new release of Rojo will not be stalled out by the acquisition. TechCrunch has some details on the acquisition, including an estimated deal terms (you will need to click to read the post :).

Peace – Tim

And there you go, my first post concerning Six Apart’s MovableType done before LexBlog’s KOK. And we changed our home page… more on that when there is more that. Okay seriously I have to get back to work. Really really… to make something rojo hot.

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