Larry Bodine on Macs — and how to get Free PR


Hi Friends,

I would comment on Larry Bodine’s (in)experience with Macs (see Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree). But LexBlog‘s Kevin O’Keefe (a Mac User) just sent me a post from Wil Shipley’s blog that pretty much covers the Mac side.

And for more fun… read the MacLaw group posts that have been coming through… and read Larry’s blog where he has put up some of the “thoughts and suggestions” himself.

But from a pure marketing standpoint… there is no faster way to get your name known by the technology community at large than to attack the Mac. Larry is now “famouser” and he knows it :).

From Justia’s standpoint… we just bought another loaded MacBook Pro and 30 inch monitor for our new programmer. And we will be running Windows XP on the same computer… for testing purposes only.

And now taking a page (or partial post) out of my personal Law Blog of Fun… here are couple of GooTube videos to express some thoughts…


Peace – Tim

And on a side Seattle note… what a great Seahawks win on Sunday. It made my Internet radio subscription worthwhile for the whole year.

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