Eight Easy Updates That Make Your Lawyer Profile Shine

Lawyers who are already taking advantage of lawyer directories as a way of marketing themselves to broader audiences are already a step ahead the rest. With a little bit of time and effort, lawyers can make even better use of these online directories by updating their profiles with some basic information to increase their visibility and the likelihood of being contacted by prospective clients.

Screeching tires. Crash. Boom. Bang. I’ve been involved in a car accident and I am now looking for a lawyer to help me. Where is the first place I will likely go to look for a lawyer? You guessed it – the Internet. Even more specifically, online lawyer directories.

Whether a person is seeking legal help after an accident, has bankruptcy questions, is forming a business partnership or needs assistance defending against criminal charges, lawyer directories are a great place to start a search for a lawyer. You may have noticed a few lawyer directories in your search results lately; so have the folks looking for lawyers online. The presence of lawyer directories in search results is growing, and as such they are a very powerful tool for people looking for a lawyer.

Lawyer Directory ProfileLawyer directories allow individuals looking for a lawyer to hone in on a particular location and/or practice area, enabling them to contact lawyers who may be best suited to help them with their questions or legal issues. Most directories provide a complete profile for each attorney with information that will help people select the right attorney, and often tell them about the lawyer’s experience, education, practice areas, fees, and how to get in touch with him or her.

The Justia Lawyer Directory in particular provides lawyers with free profiles that they may fill out completely. Here are a few of the most important parts:

  1. A professional photo of yourself
  2. A short biography that speaks to your experience, professionalism, and your general philosophy of practicing law
  3. Your relevant professional experience and any certifications or specializations
  4. Your educational background
  5. Your fee structure
  6. Your social media profiles
  7. Link(s) to your blog(s)
  8. Link(s) to your website(s)

So why is it so important to keep your profile information up to date? The obvious reason is so that people looking for a lawyer may contact you! Many times we get calls from individuals attempting to contact a lawyer in the Justia Lawyer Directory, but there is no current phone number or email address in the profile. Do not miss the opportunity to get your next case due to your profile missing a working phone number or email address!

The less obvious reason is so that your profile is appearing in search results relevant to your office location and practice area(s). Keep your office address current so you do not get calls or emails for potential cases outside of your geographic area of practice. Keep your practice areas updated so you are appearing in search results and getting contacts for cases you actually handle. Your website is also a great way for potential clients to learn more about you and your practice of law, so be sure to keep your website link(s) updated too.

Your Justia Lawyer Directory profile and other directory profiles are great opportunities to be seen and potentially contacted by someone like myself, who was just involved in a car accident and is now looking for a lawyer. Don’t let opportunities pass you by for want of a working phone number, email address or website link. Keep your profiles up to date!

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