Three Reasons to Update Your Law Blog More Frequently

Many lawyers want to know easy ways to improve their online marketing strategy. One solution is to blog more frequently. Writing frequent blog posts can make your legal blog more attractive to search engines, human readers, and can also improve your own writing efficiency. However, it is important not to sacrifice quality for the sake of quantity or frequency.

These days it’s not enough to only write a couple of good blog posts and immediately expect great search engine optimization (SEO) results. In addition, you also have to update your blog frequently with fresh new posts on a regular basis. At the bare minimum, we recommend publishing at least one post a week or four new posts every month, but below are three reasons why you should highly consider blogging even more frequently for better results.

1. Search engines really like fresh content.

Simply put, search engines love frequently updated sites. But instead of just updating your blog with unnecessary changes to old pages, it’s much more effective to create new, high-quality posts every week. The bots that crawl the web are constantly searching for new or updated pages, so when you produce new content, you create more opportunities for Google to visit your site and possibly increase your rankings.

That being said, you should never compromise the quality of your content in order to publish as many posts as possible. Fresh content may lead to frequent indexing, but not necessarily higher indexing, especially if the posts are low quality. In addition to how often your blog is updated, keep in mind that the search engines also take into consideration the quality of the content, the number and quality of incoming links to your site, and keywords. So posting frequency alone will not necessarily impress the search engines, but it’s still an important factor.

2. Human readers like fresh content, too.

Frequent blog posts not only cause the search engines to crawl your site again and again, but your human readers are also more likely to revisit your blog, and stay on it longer, when you regularly publish fresh new content. After all, when you come across a blog with great content, you want to come back and see what else the blogger has to say, right? But if the blogger rarely publishes new posts, your enthusiasm as a reader will likely wane over time and eventually you’ll stop going to the blog altogether. To keep your readers engaged, you have to publish new content on a regular basis.

Furthermore, the more often you write good blog posts, the more credible you will become as a blogger. The more high-quality posts you publish on a particular topic, the better your chances for establishing yourself as an authority on the subject matter. So when you really want to really want to optimize for a particular practice area or type of case, don’t shy away from writing about it multiple times in different ways. As long as you present the information in original and interesting ways, the additional posts are likely to enhance your blog’s credibility.

3. Blogging efficiency improves the more often you post.

New bloggers occasionally worry about how much time it will take them to maintain their blog. Between writing and editing content, adding strategic hyperlinks, and finding an image to go along with each post, the time commitment may at first seem overwhelming. But let me fill you in on a little secret: the more often you blog, the less time it will take to create and publish each new post. It’s true! Many of our bloggers report that when they’re in the habit of blogging regularly, they become very familiar with the blogging interface, the ideas for new posts begin to flow more easily, and they notice a big improvement with their efficiency.

Regularly posting to your blog with high-quality content will not only make you a more efficient blogger, but it can also lead to better SEO and make your blog more credible in the eyes of your readers. Just remember that the quality of your posts is still the number one priority, so make sure that doesn’t get sacrificed in the name of quantity.

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