Join Us Next Week for Google I/O Live Blogs

Google I/O 2017 is approaching fast. This is Google's biggest event of the year covering all things Google from android to web. This year we'll be live blogging several of the sessions and you can help us choose which sessions to cover.

One week from today, Google will put on its biggest conference of the year, Google I/O 2017. This year, as it did last year, Google will host the event in its own backyard at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. Since the Amphitheatre is just down the road from Justia’s Mountain View headquarters, I decided to take a little walk down and see how the preparations for I/O are coming. The session tents (some shown in the picture above) are going up, and most of them look considerably larger than last year. This, along with the ability to reserve seating at sessions, should hopefully alleviate some of the problems with long lines out in the sun that existed last year.

An I/O 17 Sign can be seen next to the Amphitheatre

Google saves a lot of its most anticipated announcements both for developers and for consumers for their annual I/O Conference, and this year’s conference looks to be another great one. As I have in years past, I will be attending Google I/O next week along with over 6,000 other developers, all eager to hear what is next from Google.

This year, I will be live blogging several of the sessions related to web technologies here for Justia’s blog.  Check out the list below to see which sessions I’ll be live blogging at the event.

Tune in here on Justia’s Legal Marketing & Technology Blog next week as we bring I/O to you.
Panorama of the I/O 17 Festival Grounds

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