Announcing Newly Designed Premium Placements on the Justia and LII Lawyer Directories

The Justia Lawyer Directory is newly redesigned to better showcase premium placements! For each of your gold placements, you can now create a custom tagline (up to 80 characters) and description (up to 220 characters) to help your profile stand out. Leverage the power of our high-traffic lawyer directory to help you get quality leads and grow your business.

The Justia Lawyer Directory is a premier online directory that helps people seeking legal counsel find and compare local attorneys.

Any licensed attorney can set up a free, full-featured professional profile, which includes a biographical summary, information about your education and practice areas, descriptions of your professional skills and experience, and any websites, blogs, social media profiles, or publications you may want to mention. Attorneys can further expand the placement of their profiles at no cost by participating in Justia Ask a Lawyer—where people ask basic legal questions and receive answers from local attorneys—and Justia Annotations—a platform for attorneys to write their own plain English explanations of case law to help consumers and other attorneys better understand the law. For lawyers, the Justia Lawyer Directory offers an efficient and economical way to generate leads and secure more clients.

New Attention-Grabbing Premium Placement Design

For attorneys seeking a promotional advantage, premium placements feature your profile above other lawyer profiles on both the Justia Lawyer Directory and Cornell’s Legal Information Institute (LII) Attorney Directory. Our new design for premium placements increases the value of these listings by offering larger photos with clear calls-to-action to contact lawyers by email or phone, or to visit their website. Gold-level premium placement clients may also add custom text targeted to visitors by practice area and locality. This feature includes a custom tagline (up to 80 characters) and a focused message (up to 220 characters), which can help you address the particular needs of your potential clients.
New Premium Placement on the Justia Lawyer Directory

Lawyers with a gold-level premium placement should contact us to add their custom tagline and message at no additional cost. If you are interested in upgrading to a gold-level premium placement, ask us how these can help you get more leads and grow your business. Our newly redesigned listings are just one of the many benefits of purchasing premium placements on the Justia Lawyer Directory. Lawyers with premium placements are also promoted outside of the directory through targeted listings on other pages of the Justia and LII websites. Another benefit to having premium placements is that your profile displays a more prominent contact form, and you receive detailed analytics of the performance of your lawyer profile.

To appear above competing local attorneys in the Justia and LII Lawyer Directories, call (888) 587-8421 or contact us today for information about our premium placements!

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